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I. Brief information about the company :
Dathasam Co., Ltd (formerly the Duy Dai Co., Ltd) is a consumer company belonging to Duy Dai Corporation which have been operating  on multifields  in aquaculture and supplying of "clean quality "fishery products  mostly Basa Catfish, Black Tiger and Vannamei for domestic and international markets,  and making and  trading on  biofuel products such as  wood pellet, rice husk briquete, wood / sawdust briquete, pressed sawdust... Processing factory of the company  has been conducting quality management programs in accordance with safety and sanitary standards: HACCP, ISO 9001-2008, EU approval number : DL 12  and has been equiped with IQF system, contact freezers , and cold storage with the total capacity  up to 1,000MT. Recently, Duy Dai has been known as one of the most reputable and reliable suppliers of clean fishery and  biofuel products   in Vietnam. The company has been  developing  closed and long- lasting cooperation relationship with many importers and distributors all over the world .
II. Activities of  raising and  processing :
Favourable conditions together with effective management policy have helped Duy Dai develop for itself a closed / compete production process from  aquaculture  to product selling.
Aquaculture : Aquaculture  areas of Duy Dai in the central Vietnam is in entirely isolated  areas controlled by the  Duy Dai Corporation. Therefore , we are able to control all the risks of causing diseases to the fish, water supply source ,and feed source manufactured by ourselves. At present, we have been collaborating with SGS Company and Food Marketing Institute of USA in order to obtain the certificate SQF 1000 for our " Clean Quality " fish raising facilities.
At the moment, Duy Dai  has been established  closed relationship with companies  and forestry fields in Vietnam to enable to push more production  and export on  biofuel products.
Processing activities : Factory of the company with  a production area of 4,500 m2  comprises three production lines , one for fish fillet , one for value-added products and one for other products . Quality and hygiene are strictly controlled to comply standards of EU and HACCP Systems.
III. Products and Consumer market :
1. Products : Besides fillet Basa and Hypo Basa , major product of our company , Duy Dai also   produce other fishery products  such as  Cuttlefish,Octopus , Shrimp and value-added products that diverse in forms and  type . Value- added products : Duy Dai is targing markets where presently have increasing demand of products processed from fish , particularly EU market . One of the top present objectives of the company is to supply fish - based products that are processed in high quality in order to meet the need of consumers about nutrient and hygienic condition .
The company is  also upgrading the  processing workshop of biofuel products and  estimated suppliable capacity will be reached 500 MT of finished products per week after upgrading .
2. Consumer market : Products of Duy Dai have  been consumed in high turnover in many markets in the world including Europe, North America, Australia, Middle East, Korea ,etc ...